is a free network service that will allow users to share their musical tastes with other people.

  • It should be more than just a free replacement for
  • It should have its own identity and features

But it can also have functionality that YOU want, and you can even add functionality yourself :)

Got an idea? This is a wiki -- add your ideas.

Getting started

if you want to jump right into it, here is how:

How to use

  • Scrobbling - How to get started with scrobbling to
  • Using LastToLibre - How to create a dump of your listening history and import it into
  • Listen support - Which browser you can use to listen to player

Your ideas

  • Federation
    • A global identity system would be ideal for this, and reasonably easy to implement, login with a webid ( foaf and/or openid based ) -- tip: just have a field in the DB called "webid" now, you can populate later with claimed web/open ids.
  • Offering OGG and FLAC downloads.

These are just some ideas for the categories you may want to add an idea to. Do whatever you like :)

Related projects lists projects that have similar goals or could be of use to

I'm in! But where to report bugs?

  • Make sure that it is no client problem. You can check a client support list on this page

Visual Appearance


In the media

Join us!

  • IRC: --


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