Please maintan this list sorted alphabetically by client code.
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code name client website FLS license scrobble listen
amk Amarok 1.4.x plugin yes multi?
amp Aimp2 no no
amy Anomaly (Chrome extension) Chrome webstore entry yes single
ark Amarok yes multi?
ass player yes no
atu aTunes yes hosts?
aud Audacious yes single
bil billy no hosts
blu Bluemindo yes GPLv3
bsh Banshee yes no
bwt Bowtie no hosts
cmu cmus (!CmuScrobbler) yes
cpl cplay scrobbler MIT
cub Cuberok yes GPLv3 multi
dbl Decibel Audio Player yes GPLv3
ddb DeaDBeeF yes GPLv2 single no
dms donky mpdscrob yes
ems EMMS yes single
exa Exaile yes hosts
foo foobar2000 no multi
gmb gmusicbrowser yes GPLv3 single
gmm Goggles Music Manager yes GPLv3 single
gst GimmeSome Tune no hosts
gua Guayadeque yes multi no
her Herrie single
isp iSproggler yes
jaj Jajuk yes
ldr Libre Droid (Android) yes single yes
lfm yes
lib LibreTunes yes GPLv3 multi
liv Livewwwire yes
lpd lastPod yes no
lsb LibreScrobbleBerry yes single no
lsd lastfmsubmitd yes single
mae maemoscrobbler yes hosts
maf scrobbler / mafw-lastfm (on maemo5) yes hosts
mcl MOCp-Scrobbler single no
mcn mpdcron (MPD) yes multi
mdc mpdscribble (MPD) yes multi
mlr mobbler yes hosts
mmo MediaMonkey no hosts
mms Maemo Scrobbler yes multi
moc music on console (MOC) yes single
mp5 mpdas (MPD) yes hosts
mpc Scrobby (MPD) yes hosts
osx iTunes no
pyj pyjama yes
qcd Quintessential Media Player no
qlb Quod Libet yes GPLv2 multi?
qmm Qmmp yes multi
qmn QMPDClient yes GPLv2
qts QTScrobbler yes
rbx Rhythmbox yes multi yes
sbd Songbird yes multi?
scb Scrobbl yes GPLv3 hosts no
sfm shell-fm yes hosts
sls Simple Scrobbler (Android) yes GPLv3
sna Sonata yes
srd scrobd (MPD) yes multi
spc scmpc yes
spm Spotify Mobile no hosts no
spy Spotify no hosts
ss7 SqueezeScrobbler 7 (Squeezecenter) yes single
sub Subsonic yes GPLv3
tmh scrobble for iPhone yes
tng Clementine Player yes GPLv3 hosts
trt Trout no multi
tst Ecoute no
vag vagalume yes single yes
vlc VLC yes GPLv2 single
wa2 WinAmp 2 no hosts
wmp Windows Media Player no
xbm XBMC Media Center yes multi
xm2 XMMS2 yes multi
xmp xmp-scrobbler (XMPlay) yes (mixed/GPLv2) hosts no
xsp XMMS2 (xmms2-scrobbler-py) yes
yan Jerboa;asummary yes
you Youamp yes GPLv3
zom ZOMG yes GPLv2+ multi yes
Ampache multi
Cogx no
Rockbox multi
XMMS-Scrobbler single
Coversutra hosts
iScrobbler hosts
PocketScrobbler hosts
Canola 2 no
MPD yes yes

Client codes

  • This is the code clients use to identify themselves to the server
  • If the entry is in bold it means it hasnt been added to the database yet

Scrobble support

  • multi: can scrobble to and other servers at the same time.
  • single: can be configured to scrobble to
  • hosts: works with a hosts file entry
  • no: doesnt seem to work with

Multi-scrobbling from single server clients

If your client only supports scrobbling to a single server it's now possible to have forward your scrobbles on to as they happen. Simply click the "Edit" link on your profile page then "Connections to other services" and connect up your account. Or click here: (You must be logged in to for this to work).

Listen support

Bugs for tracking configurable submission support

[;tag=librefm;distunstable Debian]:


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